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                    Welcome to Murrysville                         Murrysville Golf Courses

                                               Murrysville, PA                                                                           Murrysville Golf Course



                                             Murrysville Parks

                                        Murrysville Sportzone                                                                             Murrysville Parks



Murrysville was founded in the late 1700's by Jeremiah Murry who then established the town of

Murrysville in 1820 after the Pennsylvania Northern Turnpike was constructed.  Murrysville was

also the first school established in the 1800's. Along with a past history, you'll find cabins from that

era; The Staymates Cabin, The Old Stonehouse Cabin, and The Simpson/Clark Toll House. 

Murrysville has changed over the years with tremendous growth in businesses, restaurants, and shops.

Murrysville is known for its parks trails, new commercial districts, Golf Courses, Community Center, 

Library, newer developments and well maintained existing homes.